Turtle News…October/2020 Issue

by Alexis Franklin, Coordinator/FOMP

Our City continues to be in a “modified” green phase…
And Covid-19 cases in Philadelphia continue to rise…

LYPSolo with Turtle


The Friends of McMichael Park decided to continue with Love Your Park Solo as part of our fall clean-up for 2020. This seemed to be the best way to keep our group safe and practice social distancing. Lindsey Walker from the Fairmount Park Conservancy offered bags and bulbs to those who are interested in planting, raking or mulching. Please contact Alexis Franklin (Lexy3904@gmail.com), and we will do our best to get these supplies to you at a time that you can independently commit.

Some clean-up work has already started at the corner garden bed of Henry and Midvale Avenues with the help of our FOMP volunteer Beth Gross -Eskin. Other work is being done by the William Penn Charter students, including Turtle sweeping and tree mulching. All volunteer hours will be registered as part of our LYP Solo commitment.

McMichael Park has been home to many activities and events this past month. Music with Gina on Wednesday mornings, Yoga Workouts on Thursday, Weekly BootCamp, Meditation, outdoor classroom for Penn Charter students, a Ruth Bader Ginsburg vigil, pick up football games and picnics. Fun!!!!

Before and After photos of the Anniversary Tree. Please use arrows to slide side to side for full view.

Trees in Shock — Playground “Permit-less”

The Anniversary Redbud planted in 2019 along with three other trees were transplanted to make way for the playground. The construction company in charge of building the playground did all transplanting. The company was also responsible for watering the four trees.

According to PP&R, all four trees are currently “in shock.” Please see the above before and after photographs. All tree transplanting locations were decided by PP&R. The relocated trees look “very stressed,” exacerbated by construction fencing that butts directly up against two of the transplanted trees.

According to Jason Mifflin of PP&R, “It can take them a while to bounce back and they need time to recover. It can sometimes take a tree a few years to fully recover. We can reassess how they are doing in the late spring/2021 and determine if any will need to be replaced at that point or just allowed more time to recover.” 

Despite construction already underway on the playground, according to both Philadelphia City Hall and Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections, there is currently no permit on record for construction of the playground in McMichael Park. Additionally, there is currently no information or signage posted on site, as per city rules and regulations.

According to local labor union officials in Philadelphia, the playground is currently being built by a non-union, non-local construction company based in Phoenixville, PA.

Currently, no “Caution” or “No Trespassing” signs are posted around the playground, and even with fencing erected, it is still relatively easy for individuals to enter the construction site. Please use common sense and exercise caution. A porta potty is on site, but is not for public use.

For all further information, please contact John Keiser, PP&R Project Manager for the playground at the following e-mail: John.Keiser@phila.gov


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